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Happening This Week

Good news! Sunnyside UMC will have in person worship services on Sunday, February 7, 2021. We will continue to monitor the designations and hospital capacity for our area and make decisions weekly. Please continue to pray for all fighting COVID19 and for our medical professionals who are working to fight along with us.

Previous virtual worship services are accessible through this website, on our Facebook page, and on the Sunny Side UMC YouTube channel.

Please note the following protocols that will be followed on Sunday:

When we gather again in person for worship, in an effort to "Do No Harm," in order to comply with social distance standards, we need to do a few things differently:

Please wear a mask at all times. 

We will have the worship service in the Fellowship Hall. The chairs are laid out with appropriate social distancing.  Please use the appropriate number of seats for your group.  If you are alone or with one other person, please do not sit in the seat groups for three or more people. These seat groupings are for families. 

When we sing hymns, don’t sing with all your might.  Sing quietly, as if singing to yourself.

There will be no formal time in the worship to receive the offering. There are plates for tithes and offerings located at the back of the Fellowship Hall. Please place your offering in the boxes as you enter or leave the Fellowship Hall.

While I am disappointed that we can’t go back to “normal” worship, your safety is most important.  So we will be following these standards for the near future.  Some will be relaxed sooner than others, but we’ve got to stay safe.

Thanks for understanding.  I can’t wait to worship with you this Sunday!!

Pastor Maria