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Answering God’s Call

Answering God’s Call

I believe each one of us is called by God to make a difference in this world; to receive the love of Jesus and then to live our lives in such a way that we point others to Him, helping them experience God’s loving kindness through tangible, everyday means. When we take “making a difference” into our own hands, however, we often fall into a striving mindset of obligation rather than the simple sharing of Christ’s love through our daily tasks.

I recently read that “Leadership is an action, not a position.” As Jesus Followers- servant leaders- we need to be available to what God wants us to do, where God wants it done, and how God wants to accomplish it. While it certainly is our human tendency to want to love, serve, and help others according to OUR plans and OUR agenda, God’s way is unique. You’ve probably heard that “God doesn’t call the equipped but equips the called.” God doesn’t call us because of our ability, but rather, for our availability, and God doesn’t seem impressed by our reasons why we can’t or don’t want to do what God asks!

When God called Jeremiah, he thought he was too young, inexperienced, and extremely inadequate for the job at hand, yet God reminded him that he had been called before he was even born; that he had a God-given destiny and purpose. Moses felt sure he wasn’t worthy to lead God’s people, insisted that he couldn’t speak well enough, then suggested that his brother Aaron might be a better man for the job, but God appointed him anyway. Jesus’ mother Mary probably asked, “You want me to do WHAT?!!! How can this be? I’m only a teenager, a peasant girl!” Yet, she vowed to be God’s faithful servant, living life according to God’s will rather than her own.

Often, God calls those of us who feel inadequate, ill-equipped, and “less than” to help bring the love and light of Jesus into the world. God works profoundly in and through the humble, the young, the old, the unexpected and untrained, to accomplish God’s vision.

As we answer God’s call for this season of our lives, it need not come from striving to do great things or to earn God’s love and grace. Rather, we simply need to open our hearts with willingness and availability; actively and humbly choosing to love as Jesus loves. And here’s the clincher: Jesus was faithful, available, and obedient, yet always left the results to His Heavenly Father. How reassuring that can be for us when God’s directions sometimes don’t make any logical sense!

Perhaps God is speaking to us as God did to Jeremiah: “Get dressed for work. Get up and say or do what I command you, for I am God. Don’t worry; I am with you.” (see Jeremiah 1). Most of us will never have a big platform from which to share the love of Jesus. Instead, we can share an act of kindness or an encouraging word, make a phone call, send a card, offer a listening ear, or simply slow down and give another person our attention for a few minutes.

This week, ask God to help identify the ways you are being called to be a Conduit of Love and Light, then trust God to take care of the rest. Remember, the only requirement is open-hearted availability.